Stop Go


A Simple 12 sec Animation

This is stage 1 before the sound track, music and foley are added

Basic Animation 12fps

Stage one is to do a Basic Animation. One this is completed, we can add the foley and the Music background. The proper way to do this is to have the music with the rythm or beat, time this and then work the animation to floow the beat, then add the foley.

Dragonframe 4

Here we are using Dragonframe 4 for the animation 

A completed animation

A simple animation using two mugs. Animation can be about easy to use objects. Here two mugs are used. I used a bit of plasticine and a couple of false eyes and a piece of scenery to achieve the look I wanted. The video is not that smooth because it needs more frames and less movement, but I as this was a time constrained animation too do in a lesson, we were short for time. The music had to be recorded since we could not use existing tracks, so this was recorded and added in the post production