Live Videos

Liver Videos or Streamimng. Its not just about the video or merging the multicamera views together, it is also about the  text banners, the transitions, maintaining the sound levels and the colour quality. That's why we need a team of sound engineers, Lighting crew and Camera operators as well as a production team to produce the best Live Streaming.

Organ Concerts

The concert is relayed to a central video projection system and then projected onto a very large screen or screens such that a viewing public of around 500 can easily see the screen inside a church. The viewing area is usually constrained by the church building.The system is not only excellent for concerts and recitals, but also is excellent in its teaching role in workshops. The organ recitals can be "enhanced" by the use of the Video Screen Projection equipment allowing the audience, from a high the vantage point, to look down on the manual console with its music, stops and various pistons. The musician can be seen in full control of the music, using hand registration and pistons.